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Friday, August 12, 2011

How Many of Me ??

Ok, so a while ago I came across this cool little website And it tell you how many people in the U.S shares the same name as you. Here's what I found on my little search

  • There are 786,004 people in the U.S. with the first name Kimberly.

  • Statistically the 59th most popular first name.

  • More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Kimberly are female. <---I've ran into men name Kim....but NOT Kimberly O_o 

  • Another cool fact is I have a cousin with the exactly same name as me :)  

    But here's something you might not find so cool
    Spokeo is a website that allows viewers to see what should be confidential info number, address etc....and for a small fee they can have access to your  income, education and about creepy.

    Friday, July 29, 2011

    Oh My Skittles!!!!!!

    There is no way on GOD's green earth that Skittles was serious with  this commercial. When I first clicked it I had to make sure that I was still on that I haven't been Involuntarily directed to another XXX site.

    The perv's whose bright idea this was should have known that the FCC wasnt having this, but it was def a creative way to make sisters think twice about swallowing ....hehehe


    Thursday, July 28, 2011

    Antonia "Toya" Carters Wedding to Memphitz

    Toya from the "Tiny and Toya" & "Family Affairs"show just jumped the broom with Memphis' own Mickey 'Memphitz' Wright. I personally think they make a beautiful couple. I love how comfortable they are with each other.  

    This is the second marriage for ‘Toya’, who married her first love, Lil Wayne before he became a huge star. She’s finally found Mr. ‘Wright’

    Now this has got to be "Love"

    Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    Lil Wayne Baby Mommas

    This is one man without a lot of "baby momma drama"....and YES he has a lot of them

    Check out his reply on whether he considers himself a good father & child support:
    I’m not on child support with none of my kids cause I’m a great father. So it’s not determined by how much money you’re paying at all. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being there and being that important person in their lives. It’s about being #1 or #2 in their life. That’s very important for your child, to make sure you’re that #1 or #2. Because if you’re not, you know what #1 or #2 could end up being. That’s the most important thing of all. I just try to make sure I’m of the highest importance in their lives, next to their moms.

    Did you go through a phase where you were, um… wanting to spread your seed? Or was it just the way things happened?
    You’d have to be a woman that’s with me to know what phase I was going through. If I was to answer that question for you or for the world or for this magazine, then I’d be the dumbest n*gga on the planet.

    Fair enough. Too personal with the questions?
    You did your job and I did mine.
    <----- Gotta love that guy ...LOL

    courtesy of Ozone Magazine.

    Its definitely a good thing that they all get alone :) ....Check them out along with Kandi (Real Housewives of ATL), Rapper Rasheeda and Tamar Braxton at Toya's wedding celebration with Memphitz

    Destiny's Child Favorite

    Who's you Destiny's Child Favorite ??????

    Beyonce is a bad girl, and Im sure EVERY woman, man, lil girl and lil boy wants to be

    But my vote goes to the GORGEOUS Kelly Rowland..........
    she's always came second to Beyonce.....but NO MORE

    Here's what Kelly had to say in a recent interview on the Beyonce comparisons
    It’s old. I don’t trip off of it and I know it’s going to happen. It’s nothing else anybody can find and I don’t have anything else to talk about so it’s like ‘eh, do a comparison’.  [On if they still talked] She hit me [after the BET Awards] and said ‘oh, woman you killed it”
    You know, if you guys would be a little bit more intelligent and ask me about myself we’ll have a much better interview.’ You can’t want a story from me and keep asking me about the past

    Oh and my girl Michelle isnt half stepping either ....although I couldn't find a national mazagine that featured her on the cover I did find a spread in NV Business Woman’s magazine. She looks elegant here. I’m loving the short hair cut on her.


    So there is the new Internet craze called "Planking" which has (like most things) been deemed racist.
     It has been described as a racist act that dates back to the "planking" of slaves on a ship. Slave masters used a planking technique to pack in more slaves....omgeez you guys ....get a grip why don't you.
    The lying down game (also known as planking,[1] or face downs) is an activity, popular in various parts of the world, consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location. The hands must touch the sides of the body, and having a photograph of the participant taken and posted on the Internet is an integral part of the game.[2] Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play.[2] The location should also be as public as possible, and as many people as possible should be involved.

    I actually think its cool, and see some people around the world have got VERY creative with this game

    My first plank , before I realized it has to be in a public place

    LOL.....I've even sent my lil cousin and nephew out to think I'm crazy

    This is my BFF planking in the middle of a club we were at ....too funny!

    But this is "THE FUNNIEST" plank I've seen thus far ...LOL

    Plank Responsibly !!!

    BasketBall EXs


    Anyone that knows me, know that Im a huge fan of VH1 's BBWs aka EXs...b/c neither of them are actually still married to one, with the exception of Jen and she JUST filed for a divorce. But if you guys tuned in this week you know that there was this messy cat fight between Bully Tami and Motor Mouth Meeka. Athough Meeka is slick messy, I kind of felt sorry for her :(....Tami did mug the mess outta her thought
    And lets not forget about Jen and Evelyn....

    Sooo, was Jennifer's interview "SHADY"???

    Anywho, I decided to have a BBW inspired nite out with a couple of my close friends....can you guess who was who?

    there was actually a small argument that night too ...hehehe


    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Facebook meets Twitter

    Facebook meets Twitter daytime party (Memorial Day Weekend)

    Come meet those peoplel who's name is burning up your timeline/newsfeed or have tons of mutual friends with but have never meet....
    Come celebrate your birthday or graduation with us for FREE
    Reserve TABLE or VIP ROOM call 404.542.0176


    @10DiamondsPromo, @Kissmekimmy

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    My Fav Five

    Five of my favorite things THIS WEEK


    Model-Ty the model
    Photography- Pink Paparrazzi

    Song of the week  

    Motivation by Kelly Roland feat Lil Wayne
    I freaking loveeeee this song .....go go go go

    Comedian of the week

    Felonious Munk ...My NEW FAV...#HILARIOUS!!

    Entertainer of the week

     Kaball DaFreightboy is taking this music biz my storm, he's about to drop his first mixtape Inter$tate Money. Check him out @

    Kiss Me Im Single

    The Ultimate Speed Dating Event (Mix and Mingle with sexy singles) 
    March 3rd  

    This event was a great succeess, many connections where made,.....if you missed it stay tune for Kiss Me Im STILL Single ...coming soon

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    OMG pictures

    Safe Sex

    Nobody has a body to die for. Safe sex is always better! It's fun, and you don't have to worry as much.
    Safe sex means making sure you don't get anyone else's blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk in your body -- and protecting your partners too! Condoms, latex surgical gloves, and plastic wrap are the only ways to protect yourself and your partner from STDs and HIV, but they're not foolproof. You've got to use them correctly every time you have sex.

                                                                And the again there's always this 

    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    Shoe Fetish for men

    OK, Fellows I didnt forget about you....all you shoe freaks out there, would u rock these??

    wonder if Mr Twitter man gets paid for these here

    Shoe Fetish

    These are (as they would say in the gay community "FISH")
    I found these online for about $90 but then after visiting a friend's website I found them about $30 cheaper @

    Lambo shoes???...really??

    These are funky

    I'd rock these

    ummm yeah wow

     Custom made by Sharon Elam ...all I can say is time and talent

    Wednesday, December 29, 2010


    OK so apparently @lilduval tweeted "@MsTeenaMarie are you dead?" and many of his followers found it to be very disrespectful and started a unfollow trend, it was noted that the comedian lost hundreds of followers within minutes. Now my question is, was it REALLY that serious,,tasteless YES...but y'all get your thongs out a bunch....he's a fucking comic....its no different from the Michael Jackson jokes ....since when do we pick and chose who gets to make jokes about the deceased. ....ummm yeah


    I see right thru you BITCHES

    Known for his modern designs, architect Steve Hermann finished his latest project in Montecito, Calif., about four months ago.
    The 13,875-square-foot home features five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a kitchen with a wine room and an art gallery that displays the architect’s vintage car collection.
      The home is now listed for $35 million

    I mean....aint this a house to died for???